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There is something else about a cat that is very appealing. Cats have some vocabulary though not our gift for language: you could say cats don’t talk-the-talk, just walk-the-walk. All the same they do have a remarkable way to communicate through posture. You know your cat is grumpy, or has a headache, or is annoyed with you, by the way it looks–they have the subtlest ways to tell us how they feel. Of course sometimes they have the loudest and most annoying ways of telling us this too–like when they jump up-and-down on us when we are trying to sleep–but forgiveness is an essential quality of all cat owners and they know that.

  • Length: 4 cm
  • Width: 4 cm
  • Height: 5cm

W are a family business with a passion for metal. Our trading and production the company has been operating from 10 years.

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