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This rockers pioneered the fashion for wearing giant glasses -much . And only they looked in them stylish.The brand is a basis for them . Rockers do not drink beer. They drink Heineken . Rockers do not drink Coke , they drink only Pepsi beloved . Even jelly beans consumed by them must have its brand .Black bandanas to attach the tubes.An indispensable element of the appearance of every self-respecting rocker are rings on every finger , and in the summer , even on the toes .
Rockers has a clean, neat , curled , long natapirowane hair, which constantly shakes for greater volume.Rocker feet should be dressed in cowboy boots .When you go , you hear all metal jewelry (bracelets, pendants , necklaces, medallions , fittings cowboy boots )

  • Length: 6 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Height: 15cm

W are a family business with a passion for metal. Our trading and production the company has been operating from 10 years.

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