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Today, windsurfers can be found on a variety of waterways, from the open ocean to indoor pools, and there are a number of competitions dedicated specifically to this sport, including Olympic events.The windsurfer stands upright on the board, controlling the sail on a boom to catch the wind and maneuver. Ideally, the surfer finds a spot with brisk prevailing winds to get the full effect, although people can windsurf in calmer environments as well.indsurfers are capable of reaching very high speeds, and of reaching remote and interesting areas which are inaccessible to conventional surfers. They can enjoy the waves, zip across the surface of the water at high speed

  • Length: 19 cm
  • Width: 7 cm
  • Height: 24cm

W are a family business with a passion for metal. Our trading and production the company has been operating from 10 years.

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