Hairdresser II

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Hairdresser II

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Haircutting is one of the more common services that hairdressers do. Thus, they need to know how to cut hair in order to achieve a particular look. Some of the hairstyles that clients may want hairdressers to do for them include the bob cut, bouffant, buzz cut, crew cut, finger wave, fringe, spikes, Mohawk, mullet, pixie cut, shag and others. Clients may also ask hairdressers to style their hair with braids, French twist, fishtail hair, chignon and others. Some hairdressers specialize in African-American hairstyles. They know how to make cornrows, Afro, Jewfro (the Jewish version of the Afro), dreadlocks, hi-top fade, Jheri curl or waves.

  • Length: 15 cm
  • Width: 10 cm
  • Height: 18cm

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